The Final Five Months

Selah! I am returning to South Africa in five months. Wow! I've been in the United States for six years and I am yet to experience more of this country. It is so vast in scale and the depth of complexities are incredible. I am a foreigner and native. I am local yet outsider. I... Continue Reading →


Mandisa Mondays @theBullgnv

Get in your car, put on your shoes let's go to the corner of SW first and first you know every face that turns to you you're glad to meet old souls at the bar traveling friends swing by to say hi you're home on the corner of SW first and first Step in,  we're... Continue Reading →


  This photo was taken during a performance of  Lara Foot's play, Tshepang in Monaco at the Mondial du Theatre. I played the role of Ruth alongside Steven Butler who played Simon. The poignant play about the violent rape of a nine-month-old baby was directed by Jan Cohen. This image is informed by Lara's text that poetically traces the destitute... Continue Reading →


The backstory to Crush-hopper. (2011)  Our reflection of history and our investigation of present struggles is intrinsic in shaping the national narrative. I believe that theatre narratives are a means to access the past and engage with the present, highlighting not a history but his/her stories entangled with the past and present. Crush-hopper is written... Continue Reading →

Hello, my thirties ;)

Sunday, December 28, 1986- I was born Today, December 27, 2017- is my final day as a thirty-year-old. Here are thirty lessons that have come to define me: You always carry the people you've lost with you. Engage in living. Know your anchor. Know your place of stillness. Grow in truth and always ask yourself... Continue Reading →

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